Friday, November 29, 2013

Sariayu Sentrajaya Eye Make-Up Kit Review & Swatches

Today I'm going to feature ONE product that I have been using every single day of my life since 3 months ago. No kidding. 

To be honest in terms of makeup, I'm kind of a snob. I don't trust local cosmetics. For me, they can probably cause cancer of something like that. When I received it as a gift, I was disgusted. But then I tried it, and started to integrate it into my daily life. And then I realized, it's the one.

Behold. I never knew useful and holy grail altogether comes so cheap.

It comes with a pale eggshell eyeshadow shade that is almost matte, a combination of two brow powders melded into one, one powder eye liner, one brown pencil eyeliner, a tiny tweezer and a dual-ended mini brush.
Now let's get all the bad things from the way now shall we :
- The tiny tweezer (which I had high hopes with) is practically useless. I have no idea where it is now.
- There's a mirror which is also useless because it's is so tiny (not photographed sorry but you can sort of guess... it's on the lid)
- Not too impressed with the black powder liner. Doesn't stay put, not very pigmented

Now to the good things.

That eggshell shade is kind of my skin tone but a touch peachier and got shimmer, so it's the perfect highlight colour. The brow color is not so pigmented, which is good because you can control the colour. I love that they put two colours because sometimes just brown seems unnatural, so you need a touch of greyish ash. The tiny brown pencil eyeliner is surprisingly pigmented and long lasting. The cardboard-y small compact is very travel friendly and suprisingly sturdy.

Oh, and that insignificant double-ended brush? That brush is amazeballs
The fluffy part is so soft and never sheds and best part of all, USEFUL! I can blend my eyeshadows in, or pack the colours pretty well. The other end, which is an angled brush is pretty stiff, and perfect for drawing your eyebrows in. When I do my eyebrow with this kit, I get a lot of compliments like "Hey your eyebrow looks so nice!" but never "Hey, you draw your eyebrow so nicely!"

All in all, I love it. Good job local cosmetics! I am seriously in LOVE with this kit. So useful, you can actually use the colour to create a simple smokey look, or a really natural day look. 
Every day to school, I will draw my eyebrows in, sweep some of the highlighting shade on my lower lashline and the inner corner, draw a thin line on my upper lash line, then smudging in with the fluffy brush, topped with mascara. Done. 
Super simple and natural and quick and easy! 

The price is 100k-ish which is still dirt cheap IMO haha
Repurchasing / recommending? Infinitely yes!


  1. very pretty kit :)
    I'd also want to have it. Does the eye liner (pencil and powder) stayed on well?

    If you don't mind, please visit and folback my blog :

    1. the pencil is pretty long-lasting, the powder however disappears on hour 2 :(

  2. Replies
    1. Iyaaa alangkah bagusnya kalo tweezernya diganti spoolie kecil :')


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