Sunday, December 29, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review & Swatches

No, I do not have a giant hand. The palette IS tiny! 
Pigmentation wise, they are better than the matte shades in NAKED 1
The obligatory iPhone-size-comparison pict -- now that I have my own iPhone tee hee
I finally got my NAKED Basics! :D
If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been keeping an eye on this palette since forever, but since NAKED 3 is now out (and I can safely pass that palette on, not for me!) I decided to get the NAKED Basics.

It is so tiny and compact, it's unbelievable. I kinda expected it to be tiny, because every review said so, but it's tiny beyond expectation. And that tiny palette contains six full sized one-shimmer-five-mattes shadows. It's just perfect for travelling, because when you're abroad -- trust me -- You just cannot be bothered to do a full-on, shimmery smokey eye. You'd most likely be doing a simple neutral eye, and maybe a pop of vibrant red lipstick. 

Venus is a nice light beige with pearlescent champagne-y sheen to it, perfect for highlight.

Foxy is a matte light beige, perfect for a base color, or just an all-over lid color.

Walk Of Shame is a matte light pinky-nude, that is slightly more brightening on the lids than Foxy.

Naked 2 is the perfect matte crease-contour color for me. It leans on the cooler side of taupe, but that's no problem for me because I am pretty neutral-toned.

Faint is about two or three shades darker than Naked 2, and is a touch warmer. I don't usually use this in the crease, so I use it mostly as a liner on the go.

Crave is more like a blackened-taupe -- not that it makes any sense -- I love using it very very lightly on the brows because it's just perfect for it. Sometimes I would line my upper waterline with it to give a thickened lashes effect.

Pigmentation is divine, as expected from Urban Decay. Packaging-wise, I find that it's too thin and tiny, that I always have a bit of trouble opening it. The slightly rubberized packaging surprisingly doesn't get dirty easily, unlike NAKED 1's velvety packaging. When I went to Singapore a week ago, I find that this palette covers all my eye and brow needs, plus it got a nicely sized mirror which makes it super handy for travelling.

One thing that I hate from this palette, is that it has a very distinct urine-like smell (wow that's appealing) that you cannot just ignore, especially when you keep using the mirror up close. I found that the sample on the store also smells the same, and some reviews also reported the same smell so... Urban Decay, what's with the smell ?!

It's US$ 27 or around IDR 340k if you decided to get it via local online supplier. I highly recommend this palette because the shades very well coordinated together, and not just some boring matte, even though it is the basics.

Hope you're having a nice Sunday!


  1. your swatches are so lovely :) I've been hearing people talk about the 'urine' like smell but honestly I wouldn't even sniff my palettes haha

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Thanks! :)
      I don't purposely sniff, it's just when I have to use the mirror up close haha
      My NAKED 1 didn't smell of anything though.. :/


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