Sunday, January 5, 2014

Topshop Makeup : (Matte) Bronzer in Sandcastle Review

Hi! Today I'll be talking about Topshop makeup range, and review specifically the bronzer. Forewarning : This is going to be a pretty long post.

Psst.., Consider me a snob, but I do have a stereotype that 'made in china/india/blabla' is crap, and 'made in europe-or-america-or-cool-countries' is better. Does anyone thinks so too? lol
(sorry, really, no offense to any country or anyone!)
 Classy and sturdy compact with handy big mirror 
Super pigmented, smooth, and natural <3
Anyway, the review.

The bronzer is something that I do not plan to purchase (and not hyped a lot, but you'll regret it if you don't give them a look!), however, when I swatched it at the store I was highly impressed by how silky soft and buttery it is. They have two shades, Sandcastle being lighter than Mohawke. After I swatched sandcastle, I can immediately see that it's such a perfect shade for my skintone. It was immediate love.

The shade itself is more of a warm non-ashy-looking bronze  that gives me a very natural glow. It is completely matte, however it does not look powdery at all. Due to the silky texture providing seamless blending, this bronzer is also a kind of never-fail makeup. Because, even if you are being heavy handed, you can easily sheer it out by blending (unlike the too-dark Bahama Mama). I don't find powder flying off everywhere when swirling my brush inside, too.

The bronzer didn't came with any sort of brush, but admit it, who ever uses the crap freebie brush blushes and bronzers provide? I always use my own brush anyway. It's S$19 (around IDR 183k), and it's totally worth it. I highly recommend it to any of you starting to use bronzer, or you are pretty fair-skinned like I do, or even just completely crap at applying bronzer like I do.

Did you notice that this bronzer is included in my 2013 favourites even though I have only been using it for a few weeks? It's THAT special. Sorry for no cheek swatches, because I currently am breaking out from thattimeofthemonth

My other loot from Topshop part 1
Topshop makeup is nothing new at all, actually. But recently, they have been mentioned a lot in the beauty-youtuber and beauty-blogger world. Bad news, Indonesia's Topshop don't carry them. Le sigh.

Don't even talk about getting some via online sellers, the taxes and shipping costs is just... sigh
If you do wonder, I got my dose in Topshop Singapore.

Upon swatching them, I notice that the makeup part in the shop is fairly vacant. I do understand minutes later, though. The testers provided were in a very garish condition, but I still can kinda swatch them. They are priced around... S$16-S$20-ish (IDR 150-200k) maybe? But most stuff that I bought runs slightly under S$20. Funny thing that I don't see a lot of Singaporean beauty bloggers mention anything about them.

So... What do I think about them?

I think they are very, very worth the hype. Everything (except the eyeshadows, which I had no interest at because they're mainly on the non-neutral-unsafe-shades zone) are very good quality.
The prices are still on the high-street category, but they all still look so classy just like high-ends! I honestly am regretting a lot about not getting more lip products, bb cream, and cream glow highlighter.

Have you heard of/tried Topshop Makeup?


  1. I never knew Topshop has make up products! (x_x)
    Anyway, they package them well. Those white or black stripes looks great!:D

    1. Me too! Because Indonesian Topshops don't sell the makeup :(
      It also feels like a pretty expensive makeup :D


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